Friday, September 23, 2016

Blue Island Cup Stats: Week 2

We are now even with teams in Group B.  The new schedule is posted on the blog page.
A reschedule for the missing week 1 is in the works.
(Since a game will be played, the points given to I’d Hit It during the bye scenario will be rescinded.)

There was come concern as to how the handicaps are maintained.  Traditionally, we carry over the previous season’s handicap, for those returning, and then start from scratch on the number of games played.  Since we now have a few season’s worth of stats, we will continue an ongoing handicap that uses the most recent 20 games in cricket and the most recent 30 games in any 01 match.  Most of you won’t notice a difference, but others will note that their handicap is more accurate now.

Good luck on Week 3!

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